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On Sunday we submitted our Pip-Boy 3000 project to the NASA Space Apps challenge. This project, which I documented on my Instagram, was in response to the “Space Wearables” challenge pitched by NASA. We made a working space-themed Pip-Boy 3000 (found in the video game Fallout, which is an awesome game). Unlike most Pip-Boy replicas, ours has some really cool working sensors (including a REAL Geiger counter!) tracking real-time data. For an overview of our project, check out our official Space Apps page. There’s a short video there, and lots of info on our build!

Holy shit this post gained traction overnight!

Reblogging again cuz I still think this is the coolest shit ever and when they reach production I will be expecting one in the mail… lol

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If you we're in the Rat Queens Universe,what would you be?




This Guy.

If I could smash all my problems with a mace, I would.

Also, I would rather just not wear a shirt… ever. 


Bernadette. Continually annoyed by people having fun.

i would like to be the giant dave, but in reality i am probably more like fuckin gary.